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Signature Experiences Are the Mark of Fine Senior Living

Innovation comes from decades of experience, and you’ll find it at Clarendale.

Senior living communities managed by Life Care Services benefit greatly from more than 50 years of experience. The management leader has been putting residents first since 1971. And the resulting programs prove it.

Carefully listening to residents and their families and looking for ways to continuously improve upon what the team is doing has led to innovative solutions that put residents first—true Signature Experiences.

8 Dimensions of Wellness

Total wellness is multidimensional, so Clarendale helps residents focus on all 8 dimensions of wellness with a wide range of activities. It’s all part of a comprehensive Health & Wellness Navigation Program™.

Emotional Wellness


Opportunities for friendship, camaraderie, and meaningful relationships that are uplifting and affirm feelings of home and family.

Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness

Coming together to be good citizens of the planet, respect the environment, and manage resources effectively.

healthcare wellness

Health - Services Wellness

Our signature programs including health and wellness navigation and EverSafe 360°, ensure the highest standards and protocols and safety.

intellection wellness

Intellectual Wellness

A commitment to lifelong learning and intellectual stimulation through classes, lectures, seminars, discussion groups, and outings.

Physical Wellness


A focus on strengthening your body through exercise, nutrition, and stress management.



Creating opportunities for socialization that lead to increased quality of life, feelings of belonging, increased mental function, and longevity.


Spiritual Wellness

Opportunities to nurture your spiritual journey through a variety of services and programs.

vocational wellness

Vocational Wellness

Offering chances to contribute talents, wisdom, and experience to others through volunteerism, both on campus and in the surrounding community.

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Heartfelt CONNECTIONS – A Memory Care Program®

Every Clarendale community offers highly specialized memory care. Known as Heartfelt CONNECTIONS, it was developed to offer people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia the care, respect, dignity and quality of life they want and loved ones want for them.

For residents, it promotes physical and emotional well-being, supports daily functioning and maintains a sense of purpose, satisfaction and self-confidence.

For families, it relieves the burden of being a caregiver, so they can be who their loved one wants them to be: a daughter, son or spouse again.

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Health & Wellness Navigation Program™

Clarendale communities take a holistic approach to total wellness, enlisting a highly trained team, who works personally with residents.

For residents, living life to the fullest is easier and more carefree with Health & Wellness Navigation to provide access to total wellness programming and manage and coordinate any health care needed inside or outside the community.

For families, peace of mind comes with knowing Health & Wellness Navigation ensures that all day-to-day wellness needs and unexpected health emergencies will be met by a professional who knows just what to do for your loved one.

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The carefully selected medical board will be responsible for identifying the latest technologies, innovations, and care delivery models to direct and guide LCS communities such as ours toward best-in-class service within the current healthcare climate.

A voluntary and confidential senior-focused program, EverSafe 360° Engage addresses concerns affecting mental and emotional well-being, such as stress, depression, isolation, grief, and other related needs. Engage supports seniors as they adapt to the ever-changing needs of aging.

Telemedicine technology will provide an overall health and wellness platform to ensure residents have ready access to physician services on demand at all care levels.

We’re reimagining the spaces we share through the lens of the experts as we safely and efficiently maximize space usage during emergency response situations – such as natural disasters, pandemics, and other disruptive events.

Implementation of air quality best practices is at the very core of EverSafe 360°. The Air Quality Initiative emphasizes the importance of indoor air quality and its connection to heating, venting, and cooling systems (HVAC). We are committed to improving air quality in our fight against airborne pathogens.

In partnership with P&G® (Procter and Gamble), EverClean 360° delivers professional cleaning formulas to ensure a clean and safe environment to live, work and play. EverClean 360° provides daily disinfecting using various sanitation systems such as electrostatic disinfecting, UV lighting measures and more.

EverSafe 360°™

Raising the bar in overall safety for residents and staff, EverSafe 360° reimagines the way we live and work together. This innovative program addresses senior safety to ensure a comprehensive approach to well-being for every resident.

Through Life Care Services, Clarendale is taking active safety measures with cutting-edge air quality enhancements and advanced cleaning protocols. A National Medical Advisory Board has been assembled for real-time guidance and telemedicine technology is employed for timely medical consultations.

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